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Resort Rules & Regulations


It is your responsibility to read all our rules and regulations. You are responsible for all those in your party.

  1. DRIVING: Speed limit is 10 km (children are playing)

  2. PARKING: Absolutely no parking on the road or empty lots (use designated parking)        

  3. QUIET TIME: 11:00 pm.   

    • Absolutely no music of any kind is allowed after 11:00 pm. (no loud talking, cursing, etc.) Respect your neighbor! 

    • Please do not blast music from your car, trailer, or stereo system.

  4. SEWAGE: All sewer outlets must have a proper fitting to seal them off for environmental reasons. (don’t stuff your hose down the hole).

  5. MINOR SUPERVISION: Children & youth under 18 must be at parent or guardians’ site by 11:00 pm.

  6. PET POLICY: Keep pets on a leash at all times and clean up after them.

  7. POWER: Please note the campground has 30-amp service only.

  8. GARBAGE & CLEANUP: Please leave your site as clean as you found it (a surcharge could be applied).

    • No food or garbage is to be thrown in fire pits.

    • No cutting of trees or branches.

  9. ALCOHOL: Permitted on your site only.

  10. BEACH RULES: absolutely no fires or camping on the beach.

  11. TRAILER WASH: No washing of boats or vehicles permitted.

  12. FIREWORKS: Firing off fireworks without a permit is illegal. Please obtain a permit from the office.

  13. ARRIVAL: Campers and visitors must stop at the office upon arrival for a parking pass.

  14. VISITORS: Must leave by 11:00 pm.

  15. ATVs: No ATVs or gas-powered toys are allowed in the campground.

  16. GROUP AREA: No extension cords are to be run from the shelter for any reason.

If you leave or are asked to leave for any reason, there will be no refund.

Note: Surveillance cameras are on the premises.

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